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Melamine moulding powder

Moulding melamine powder by Weifang JS brand is actually a flexible compound that's made use of in a large range of items, coming from cookware and also power components to aesthetic products and also playthings. This thermoset plastic is actually produced coming from melamine formaldehyde material, which is actually warmed and after that shaped into the intended design. It provides numerous advantages, featuring toughness, heat energy protection, and also protection to chemicals and also wetness.

Molding Method

The method of helping make melamine moulding powder starts along with a combination of melamine material, formaldehyde, and also various other chemical ingredients. The blend is actually heat-treated in a activator to type a melamine formaldehyde material, which is actually after that cooled down and also ground into a great powder. The Weifang JS powder is actually after that screened and also blended with added ingredients and also pigments as called for due to the manufacturer's requirements.


The end product is actually a great, free-flowing powder that's quick and easy to manage and also save. This powder could be formed into an array of types utilizing heat energy and also tension to produce a sturdy, high-grade completed item. Some usual molding procedures made use of along with melamine powder consist of compression molding, shot molding, and also move molding.

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