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Melamine powder manufacturing

Weifang JS melamine powder Production: An Review

Melamine powder is actually a commercial chemical that's commonly utilized in the production of a variety of items, consisting of laminates, adhesives, finishings, and also plastics. It is actually a white colored, odorless sound substance that has actually a higher nitrogen web information, producing it especially beneficial for commercial treatments.

The chemical formula for melamine is actually C3H6N6, and also it is actually synthesized coming from urea, another nitrogen-rich substance. The procedure of production melamine powder entails a set of measures, consisting of formation, crystallization, and also reducing. , we'll explore much further into each of these measures and also the devices and also methods included.


The initial step in production Weifang JS melamine dishes powder is actually the formation of the substance. This entails the response of urea along with formaldehyde under higher stress and also temperature level health conditions. The response occurs in a set of reactors that are actually made to enhance the produce of melamine.

The major chemical response associated with the formation of melamine is actually the condensation of urea and also formaldehyde to type an item called melamine material. This response is actually exothermic, definition that it launches heat as the response arises. Because of this, it is actually necessary to display the temperature level within the activator and also management it to stop any type of runaway responses or even explosions.

The formation of melamine material is actually usually accomplished in a series of 3 reactors. The very initial activator is actually utilized to respond urea and also formaldehyde at a temperature level of about 80-90 levels Celsius, while the 2nd and also 3rd reactors are actually utilized to boost the temperature level progressively to about 150-200 levels Celsius.

The response items apiece activator are actually after that delivered to a urea pole dancer, where any type of unreacted urea is actually eliminated coming from the melamine material. The melamine material is actually after that delivered to a crystallizer, where it is actually additional cleansed and also crystallized.

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