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Pac aluminium

Poly aluminium chloride, also known as PAC, is a soluble form of aluminum formed when aluminum chloride reacts with a base in a partial reaction. It is available in liquid and solid forms.

Because it is a good coagulant and flocculent, PAC from  Weifang JS is used to treat water and in cosmetics and other personal care products. It is also effective in removing contaminants from wastewater treatment.

It is a coagulant

The coagulant pac aluminum chloride made by  Weifang JS is commonly used in water treatment. Its alum-like chemical makes it ideal for reducing dissolved and suspended solids.

PAC can be bought in different concentrations and grades to meet your water treatment needs. PWTAG recommends using a maximum dosage of 0.1 ml/m3 of the total flow rate.

PAC is a coagulant that removes colloidally suspended matter and dissolved matter from water. This involves extracting the material and then clumping it together to form a floc, which is trapped on the filter.

PAC can coagulate a wide variety of metal ions as well as organics. This allows it to remove many contaminants.

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