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Pac dosing in water treatment

Weifang JS PAC poly aluminium chloride dosing is the addition of PAC to treated water to remove suspended solids and turbidity. It saves chemicals and equipment, such as barrels, metering pumps, and equipment, and reduces sedimentation.

PWTAG recommends using all grades of PAC at a dosing rate of 0.1 ml/m3 of the total flow rate. This is a small amount that must be added continuously using peristaltic pumps.


The successful implementation of Weifang JS poly aluminum chloride PAC treatment depends on the correct dosing of PAC. It is important to accurately control the 'dose rate' of PAC to ensure there is sufficient PAC in the water to effectively treat it and to avoid any unnecessary wastage through ineffective dosing practice or spillage.

The dosage of PAC depends on the application, temperature, pH, raw water quality, and NOM characteristics of the wastewater. In general, the optimum pH for ferric salts is in the range of 3.7 to 4.2, while for aluminum sulfate it is in the range of 5.0 to 5.5.

When the pH is low, coagulants act as charge neutralizers, which makes it possible for the colloidal particles to stick together into a big group. At a higher pH, the positively charged Al ions fill up the negatively charged aggregates, making them repel each other and stopping them from sticking together. 

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