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Pac flocculant

Pac poly aluminium chloride from Weifang JS is a new type of high-performance inorganic polymer flocculant. It is mainly used for industrial wastewater, drinking water, and swimming pool water.

PAC is used extensively in the paper industry as a neutral sizing precipitant. It has the features of a large molecular structure, a strong adsorption capacity, a low dosage, and a low treatment cost.


Weifang JS polyaluminium chloride is a coagulant that removes contaminants and unwanted colors from potable water and industrial wastewater. It has excellent coagulation properties and is available in both liquid and powder formats.

It is used a lot to clean drinking water, especially when heavy metals like cadmium and fluoride are in the water. It also has good performance in industrial wastewater treatment, such as printing and dyeing wastewater, leather, and ceramics waste.

This product is finely powdered and uniform in particle size. It is soluble in water. The flocculation effect of the product is good, with high efficiency and stability. It is a long-lasting coagulant with a wide range of applications.

It is used extensively in industrial wastewater treatment and papermaking. This includes printing and dyeing, leather, clay, ceramics, metallurgy, mining, oil and fluoride, and coal washing. It is a good choice for the treatment of various kinds of turbidity, such as that caused by iron, cadmium, fluoride, phosphorus, and radioactive pollution. It can reduce the occurrence of sludge in water treatment plants, save on the cost of landfill disposal, and enhance the overall operation of the water treatment process.

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