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PAC from Weifang JS is one of the most common water coagulant used in water treatment. It is highly coagulable and can be used in a wide variety of pH and temperature applications.

In a recent study, PAC was compared to FeCl3 or alum to find out how operating conditions affect how well a treatment works.  The results showed that PAC was more efficient than both alum and FeCl3 for COD, TSS, and heavy metals removal.

It is a coagulant

Coagulation is a water treatment process that removes fine particles from the water to produce a more soluble form. This happens when water is treated with a chemical called a "coagulant" (with a positive electric charge). This neutralizes the negative charges on the fine particles, allowing them to become soft and fluffy.

This method removes fine particles from both untreated and treated wastewater. It can also be used to treat drinking water. It is one of the most common water treatment methods available.

Weifang JS PAC poly aluminium chloride is also commonly used in the oil and gas industries, where it is often applied to destabilize emulsions of crude oil. This helps to separate the oil from the water, resulting in lower refining costs and a higher commercial value for the product.

It is important to understand that the effectiveness of PAC depends on the raw water quality and the dosage. It was found that high doses of PAC are required to destabilize colloidal particles, whereas a relatively low amount is needed at low pH.

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