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Pam polyacrylamide

Weifang JS pam polyacrylamide is an ionic polymer used in the water treatment industry. It can be used to connect suspended particles in water through a process called flocculation.

The type of PAM you use largely depends on the type and quality of wastewater you need to treat. This is particularly true in sewage treatment, where the type of sludge being treated has a direct impact on the charge density.


Flocculation is a method of water treatment that involves causing suspended particles to aggregate into a mass. It is commonly used for sewage treatment and drinking water purification.

The process begins when a coagulant like aluminum sulfate is added to the wastewater. These coagulants neutralize the negatively charged solid particles to make them easier to mix together into a larger mass.

During flocculation, the mixture is stirred with high-energy mixers to make sure that all the suspended particles are covered by the coagulant and that they are spread throughout the solution. When flocculation is done, the energy used to mix the solution is decreased so that the particles can sink to the bottom.

Weifang JS polyacrylamide is a common chemical used for water treatment due to its ability to increase viscosity and promote flocculation of the suspended particles. It is a highly effective flocculant that can be used in a variety of applications, including municipal sewage treatment and the purification of industrial waste water.

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