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Pam water treatment

Water is vital for human life. However, it remains a major global problem to provide safe drinking water. Pam water treatment improves the quality and allows it to be reused in many ways.

There are many different types of water treatment products in Weifang JS available to help you meet your needs. These include aeration and coagulation.


Aeration is a water treatment method of Weifang JS that brings water and air into close contact to remove dissolved gases and oxidize certain metals. You can also use aeration to increase the water's dissolved oxygen.

Aerators can be designed in a number of ways, including for surface aeration and subsurface aeration. The most common type is spray aeration, which uses one or more spray nozzles to direct air into the water through a pipe manifold.

Another popular aeration technique involves introducing small air bubbles into the water stream. This method is usually used in chlorine in wastewater treatment to aerate activated sludge and sludge holding tanks.

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