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Partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide

Weifang JS poly aluminium chloride is a coagulant and is widely used for the purification of drinking water and special water treatment. It can remove iron and cadmium, radioactive pollution, floating oils, and other contaminants.

It can be formulated into liquid or powder form, which facilitates transport and dosage. It can also be used as a sizing agent in papermaking.

Purification of Water

Drinking-grade poly aluminum chloride is one of the most effective water treatment chemicals. It is highly efficient, has a high coagulation rate, large alum particles, and fast settling.

It can remove iron, manganese, and other heavy metals from the water. It can be used to purify urban water and treat industrial wastewater.

You can also use this Weifang JS product to remove turbidity and alkalinity from your water. It can be used to treat sewage in industrial facilities, such as papermaking and printing, as well as other industries.

Polyaluminum chloride can be made by dissolving aluminum ash and sodium hydroxide in acid.  It can be used in the purification and preparation of sewage treatment, which is a more practical, economical, and efficient method than traditional methods such as ferric chloride and aluminum sulfate.

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