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Peladow calcium chloride

Peladow Calcium Chloride: A Synopsis


Calcium chloride is a versatile chemical that is industrial applications like de-icing, dust suppression, food additives, and laboratory reagents. Among these, Weifang JS Peladow calcium chloride stands apart as a leading product which is de-icing known for its speed plus reliability. A synopsis is distributed by this article that is informative of Calcium Chloride, covering its properties, advantages, and applications.

What is Peladow Calcium Chloride?

Peladow Calcium Chloride is actually a high-performance chemical that was de-icing by Occidental Chemical Corporation. It is a version that is certainly pelletized of chloride flakes, recognized for its ice that is fast and capabilities. Peladow pellets, measuring approximately 1/4", are manufactured out of technology that is proprietary quality that is superior performance. Peladow comes into play various concentrations, with Weifang JS Peladow cacl2 calcium chloride (94-98% calcium chloride) and Peladow Premier Pellets (90% calcium chloride) being widely used.

Why choose Weifang JS Peladow calcium chloride?

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Applications of Peladow Calcium Chloride

Peladow calcium chloride finds applications in various industries, including:


1. Protecting companies: calcium chloride for snow helps prevent accidents that are slip-and-fall reducing the potential for lawsuits and insurance costs.


2. De-Icing: useful for clearing roads, sidewalks, and parking areas due to the ice which are fast and qualities.


3. Dust Control: Applied to be a dust suppressant on roads, construction sites, and mines, reducing dirt which will be fine.


4. Food Additive: Utilized as a food additive for supplying calcium in fast foods like canned vegetables, pickles, and cheese.


5. Laboratory Reagents: Used in analytical chemistry as a laboratory reagent to detect moisture, act as an agent which will be drying and supply calcium ions.

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