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Poly aluminium

Weifang JS poly aluminum chloride is a chemical for treating water. By extracting and clumping together dissolved and colloidal matter, it acts as a coagulant. After that, filters get rid of this.

The efficiency of PAC's coagulation is higher than that of conventional coagulants. Additionally, it extends the pH and temperature range. As a result, plant capacity can be increased while operating costs can be reduced.

Water Treatment

Poly aluminum chloride from Weifang JS is a well-liked chemical for treating water. It gets rid of dirt and other small particles from sewage or drinking water. It contributes to the safety of people and animals and may also improve the efficiency of your system's filters.

The appearance and taste of water are altered when a chemical is added. It can even cause illness, so use it with caution.

Bacteria, oil, and turbidity can all be removed from water through poly aluminum chloride uses and treatment. Also, industrial wastewater can be treated with it.

Poly aluminum chloride is a flocculant. It has the ability to bind negatively charged colloidal and water impurities. It can also form bonds with water-soluble sediment clumps, which helps it settle. It is more effective than inorganic coagulants like aluminum sulfate and can be used in a wide range of water treatment applications. Water with a high turbidity can be treated with ease using this item.

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