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Poly aluminium chloride 20 kg

Poly aluminium chloride 20 kg or (PAC) is truly a polymer that is water-soluble is inorganic was first introduced within the 1980s being a coagulant for wastewater therapy and paper production. The Weifang JS poly aluminium chloride really is a extremely efficient and chemical this is certainly cost-effective is starting to become trusted in various commercial applications such as for instance water that is normal, textile manufacturing, and oil production.

The function that is primary of Poly aluminium chloride 20 kg is coagulate and flocculate impurities in water

Allowing them to be eliminated through sedimentation or purification. PAC is made by reacting aluminum hydroxide with hydrochloric acid, producing a well balanced and polymer that is insoluble may be simply dissolved in water. This Weifang JS aluminum chloride is certainly ensuing a colorless, viscous liquid who may have exemplary coagulation and flocculation properties.

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When handling PAC

It is essential to use appropriate equipment that is personal is protective (PPE) also to follow proper handling and space for storing procedures. PAC is a corrosive and chemical that is reactive so care should be taken to avoid contact or spillage with skin or eyes. Weifang JS pac poly aluminum chloride should be kept in an awesome, dry place, definitely not heat sources and incompatible materials.

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