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Poly aluminium chloride 31%

One of the most effective coagulants on the market, poly aluminum chloride (PAC) OF Weifang JS is frequently utilized in the treatment of wastewater and potable water. It has a wide pH and temperature range and the highest coagulation rate of any water treatment chemical.

Aluminum chloride (HCl) and hydrochloric acid undergo a partial reaction to produce PAC, a soluble aluminum compound. Any concentration of water can be mixed with this yellow solution.

Water Treatment

Weifang JS pac poly aluminium chloride is one of the most effective and efficient water treatment methods. It has the most extensive pH and temperature ranges, is cost-effective for wastewater treatment and potable water treatment plant operations, and has a high coagulation rate.

PAC is utilized for the flocculation of civil and industrial effluents and the settling of solids that are present in a variety of drinking waters. It is very good at getting rid of phosphate, sulfate, and turbidity from water.

There are a variety of powder PACs that can be used as a general coagulant as well as a variety of liquid PACs that can be used for specific applications. The PACs are categorized by their basification, or hydroxyl content (percent), Lower dosage requirements, enhanced solids, and/or enhanced phosphorous removal are all outcomes of higher basicity.

The basification process can be modified to meet the needs of various water treatment processes. This includes altering the retention time, fluid mix speed matrix, and pH. In order to provide a system that is more cost-effective and ensure the correct dosage of PAC, these parameters are essential.

To accommodate various processes, various types of PAC can be produced from a wide range of raw materials. These PACs can be provided in type of water arrangement or as powder, working with transport and capacity activities.

In water treatment, PAC is used as a coagulant. It is frequently used alongside other flocculants. It is a versatile chemical that can be used to remove bacteria, oil and grease, sulfates, phosphates, fluoride, heavy metal salts, and other impurities from water.

Granular medium filtration and filtration are other names for this. It involves coagulation and the removal of impurities. Worldwide, this kind of treatment is widely used for a variety of water supply purposes.

One better approach to lessen the removal and reuse squander slimes from water treatment is to utilize polyaluminium water treat ooze (PAWTS), which is wealthy in aluminum buildup. It has been demonstrated that PA-WTS has a beneficial effect on primary sedimentation. They boost productivity and raise total suspended solids, phosphorus, and chemical oxygen demand (COD).

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