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Poly aluminium chloride for drinking water

Clean water is vital for human survival and health. However, there is a large amount of contamination in the world's freshwater resources—everything from bird poop to soil and other plant matter.

To remove small particles of dirt and other impurities, a coagulant is required. This allows water to be used for water treatment. Pac (poly aluminium chloride) is a common coagulant. It is used in wastewater and drinking water treatment applications worldwide. Consider Weifang JS that suit for your needs.

Reduces Turbidity

Weifang JS Chemical poly aluminium chloride pac 05 is a chemical used to treat water. It acts as a coagulant to remove colloidal and suspended solids and contaminants like organics, bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. This enables the water to be filtered.

PACL has its limitations. It is not able to completely inactivate viruses, and it is only moderately effective at removing them from water.

Therefore, complete virus removal by coagulation is required for safe drinking water. However, studies have shown that PACl can reduce color and turbidity when used at the right pH levels and in the appropriate dosages.

Different PACLs with different coagulation pH values had different amounts of dissolved aluminum after coagulation or filtration. A PACL with high basicity removed the most natural organic matter and had the least amount of dissolved aluminum.

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