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Poly aluminium chloride price pac 31%

Weifang JS poly aluminium chloride is an inorganic polymer that has many uses in water treatment. It has a high charge and low sludge retention and is widely used in the purification of water, wastewater, and sewage.

It is a new type of coagulant that combines neutralization and bridging capabilities. It is more effective than other types of coagulants.

Product Description

Weifang JS polyaluminium chloride, also known as PAC, is a water-soluble inorganic high-molecular polymer. It can be used in many industrial applications and is available in aqueous solutions and solid products.

It is available in various strengths and a range of pH values. It is a cost-effective, rapid flocculant that performs well in the purification of water. It is non-corrosive to pipes and equipment and has a low aluminum ion residual.

PAC can be used for many purposes, including as a papermaking sizing agent and sugar decolorizing or clarifying agents, tanning and cosmetics, precision casting, water treatment, and medicine. It is widely used in industry and is regarded as one of the best-quality products.

PAC is produced by reducing alumina powder with hydrochloric acid at a certain temperature in a reactor. Depending on the alumina content, basicity, and other factors, PAC can also be produced in a variety of concentrations. PAC 18 is a potable-grade coagulant that is effective for the treatment of potable and waste water.

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