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Polyacrylamide water treatment

Polyacrylamide, frequently shortened as PAM, is actually a water-soluble polymer extensively made use of for different requests, featuring water treatment. It is actually a polymer of acrylamide monomer, which is actually an anemic, odorless, and also extremely water-soluble crystalline sound. Polyacrylamide of Weifang JS is actually made use of for its own lots of advantageous residential buildings, including its own ability to flocculate and also filter great bits and also its own higher thickness.

Using polyacrylamide water treatment is actually a crucial treatment of this particular polymer. Polyacrylamide works in getting rid of different contaminations coming from water, including put on hold solids, natural issue, and also colloidal bits. Additionally, polyacrylamide is actually safe and also nonflammable, and also it doesn't generate any sort of damaging by-products.


Often made use of in water treatment requests including wastewater treatment, community water treatment, and also commercial water treatment. The objective of utilization polyacrylamide in these requests is actually to strengthen the high top premium of water through getting rid of contaminations and also helping make it appropriate for different utilizes.

Weifang JS polyacrylamide could be made use of in water treatment either in its own completely dry out or even in its own fluid kind. The completely dry out kind of polyacrylamide is actually made use of as a flocculant, while the fluid kind is actually made use of as a coagulant.

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