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Polyaluminium chloride

Weifang JS poly aluminium chloride is a chemical that is used for several different applications. It is used as a coagulant, a flocculant, and a component in anti-perspirants and deodorants.

The main industrial application of polyaluminum chloride is in the field of water treatment. It acts as a coagulant, helping to reduce the amount of sludge and bind impurities. It is also used in the manufacturing of paper and pulp.

It is a coagulant

Weifang JS Poly aluminum chloride is a highly efficient coagulant used to extract and clump together contaminants, colloidal matter, and suspended matter. This results in the formation of a floc (flocculation) for removal via filters.

It has been proven that PAC is a more effective and sustainable alternative to aluminum sulfate-based coagulants. Aluminum sulfate can cause significant toxicity to soil and water due to its chemical and physical properties.

PAC, however, hydrolyzes more easily, obtains better coagulation, and rapidly forms flocs, making it a much more effective product. It also possesses lower doses of aluminum, which reduces the amount of aluminum residuals and sludge waste produced.

PAC can be used to treat many different types of water, such as drinking, industrial, and municipal wastewater. It works in a wide range of turbidity and pH and can adapt to source water temperatures better than inorganic catalysts like aluminum sulfate.

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