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Polyaluminium chloride water treatment

Many chemicals that can be used in water treatment to aid the process. These chemicals from Weifang JS include disinfectants, alkalinity adjusters, and coagulants.

Chlorine is the most widely used chemical to disinfect wastewater in the United States. The environment and human health can be affected by the residual chlorine and disinfection byproducts that it produces.


Weifang JS water treatment plant chemicals use coagulants to reduce the amount of sludge that is created. They are added to the raw water before sedimentation or filtration and are designed to bind suspended particles together.

They are usually organic and neutralize the charge of water particles. They bond together and form clumps of solids called flocs.

Two stages are typically used to apply coagulants: rapid mixing to evenly disperse chemicals and flocculation, which promotes particle collisions. The coagulant chemicals are often used in small flash-mix tanks with a short detention time of about one minute, which ensures that the water is fully mixed.

Inorganic coagulants are often cheaper than their organic counterparts, making them a good choice for treating a wide range of waste waters. They coagulate water by forming iron or aluminum precipitates, which help to remove sludge.

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