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Pool chlorine tcca chlorine

Halogen sanitizer chlorine can be applied as a gas, liquid, granular, or tablet. It functions as a disinfectant as well as an oxidant and sanitizer. To suit the requirements of each swimming pool water treatment, it comes in a variety of concentrations. This is used by Weifang JS in order to produce bleaching agents and other disinfectants.

The pH and temperature affect how much chlorine is present in swimming pool water. Chlorine interacts with water to produce hydrogen and chloride ions at pH values higher than 4.

TCCA 90 Granules

For preventing bio fouling in swimming pools, commercial water systems, and cooling water systems, chlorine tcca 90 granules manufactured by Weifang JS are a good source of chlorine. For all kinds of chlorination applications, it is a cost-effective substitute for sodium hypochlorite and bleaching powder.

In comparison to bleaching powder, it is a more efficient and economical chlorinating agent. It is simple to apply, store, and travel. It contains a high chlorine concentration that may be used for a long period, is stable in storage, and has a long shelf life.

A helpful disinfectant, bleach, and chlorinating agent is trichloroisocyanuric acid. It is frequently used to cleanse surfaces for animal husbandry and civil sanitation, to protect plants, and to bleach cotton, chemical, and shooting materials. For uses like shrink-proofing wool, battery material, and others, it also serves this role. It can also be used as a source of cyanuric acid gas in laboratories. As a chelating agent, it is also employed to sequester polyvalent cations.

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