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The Condition Advancement and Expenditure Firm (SDIC) of China is just one of the most extensive state-owned organizations located in Beijing, China, similar to the Weifang JS's product like citric acid anhydrous food grade. It was developed in 2007 and also has ever since come to be a substantial gamer in the country's economical yard. The corporation's major concentration is buying facilities, financing, power, and also state-of-the-art markets with mergers and also acquisitions, task administration, and also endeavor resources funds.

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The SDIC is the moms and dad firm of much more than 60 subsidiaries and also affiliates functioning in different markets of the economic situation, just like the spray drier for poly aluminium chloride manufactured by Weifang JS. Presently, it hires over one hundred,000 individuals and also functions in much more than 30 nations all over the world.

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