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Sdic dihydrate

Most pills and filters for modern water treatment contain sodium dichloroisocyanurate (sdic dihydrate). It is a granular, colorless liquid.

SDIC is primarily used as a biocide, industrial deodorant, disinfectant, and detergent. It is frequently used for industrial circulation water cleaning, water treatment, and swimming pool sterilization. It is available at Weifang JS.

Stabilized Chlorine

A molecule called cyanuric acid, which is included in stabilized chlorine, keeps the chlorine complex from being broken down by sunlight. This prevents the chlorine in your pool from being swiftly destroyed by the sun's UV rays, which can significantly reduce the amounts of free chlorine.

Because stabilized chlorine reduces the expense of pool upkeep, stabilized chlorine is chosen for use in swimming pools. Furthermore, shock treatments and pool disinfection in outdoor pools can be done with this kind of chlorine.

Weifang JS's Dichlor, sometimes referred to as sodium dichloroisocyanurate, is a popular stabilized chlor used in spas and swimming pools. Both tablet and granular forms are offered.

In your swimming pool, it is a very efficient disinfectant that will kill bacteria, algae, and other dangerous organisms. It dissolves quickly, is completely soluble, and won't leave any mineral cloud or scale residue in your pool. It has a lot of chlorine that is readily available and a lengthy shelf life.

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