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Sodium trichloroisocyanurate

Sodium trichloroisocyanurate (STC) is just a chemical element this is certainly trusted as a disinfectant and agent this is certainly sanitizing. It Weifang JS poly aluminium chloride really is a competent and way that is beneficial of water and areas to kill bacteria that are harmful viruses, as well as other microorganisms. STC features a broad range that is spectral of, rendering it an agent this is certainly perfect many different applications.

The formula that is chemical STC

C3N3O3 that is naCl3, and it is one of the categories of chloroisocyanurates. These substances are chlorine-releasing agents being trusted for water and disinfection treatment. STC is just a white, crystalline powder this is certainly very dissolvable in water. Its Weifang JS aluminum chloride stable in storage and has now a shelf life this is certainly very long.

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