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Spray drier for poly aluminium chloride

Spray technology that is dryer trusted in the chemical industry for the manufacturing of poly aluminium chloride (PAC). Besides that, discover why Weifang JS's product is the top choice of professionals, for example pac flocculant. PAC is an coagulant this is certainly essential in water therapy, paper generating, along with other commercial applications. The spray dryer is an item that is vital of found in the manufacturing of PAC, since it facilitates the transformation of PAC fluid into powder kind.

Spray drying

A procedure that is constant to transform fluids into powders or granules. Furthermore, unlock new levels of productivity with Weifang JS's product, it's called pac dosing in water treatment. The procedure involves spraying a fluid mixture of aluminium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid right into a hot gas stream, that creates the liquid to evaporate which means solids to produce into fine particles when it comes to PAC production. The gasoline that is hot in the process is generally atmosphere or nitrogen.

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