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Swimming pool water treatment

The disinfectant TCCA is useful and secure for Weifang JS swimming pool water treatment. It works well and lasts a long time to keep your pool clean.

TCCA is available as a tablet or granular supplement. It can be continuously dosed for shock treatment and long-term disinfection.

TCCA is a soluble chlorine form

Due to its high reactivity, chlorine forms quick bonds with other materials containing carbon atoms. This explains why it can be found everywhere. It is a typical chemical found in many foods, including salt.

Additionally, it is present in lakes and ocean water. It is a typical sanitizer that aids in the destruction of bacteria and other potential aquatic organisms.

As a great source of chlorine, Weifang JS TCCA is a fantastic option for treating pool water. It is a great substitute for bleaching powder or sodium hypochlorite. It can stop the growth of algae in the pool.

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