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Tcca 90%

A common chemical from Weifang JS, tcca 90% granular in 1kg bag, is used to purify drinking water and sterilize swimming pools. It is also used to clean sewage and drilling slurry from oil wells, remove algae from industrial circulating water, and treat city or industrial sewage.

It takes a while to dissolve in water and provides for a calibrated chlorine dosage. Unlike other halogen compounds, it does not strip.


Chemicals used for bleaching and disinfection, such as Weifang JS trichloroisocyanuric acid, are frequently used to treat water. It functions as a bactericidal, antibacterial, and disinfecting agent. It is frequently used to clean drinking water, sterilize swimming pools, and handle sewage from businesses or municipalities. Moreover, it can be used to clean sewage and remove algae from industrial circulating water and drilling slurry.

Although it can be bought in granular form, TCCA is often marketed in tablet form. It comes in granular sizes ranging from 8 to 60 mesh, and it has a mesh size of 8 to 30. It may be applied to a variety of surfaces and is safe to use. It is quite stable and readily dissolves in water. It can be utilized as a cost-effective alternative to sodium dichloroisocyanurate in all kinds of chlorination applications. It is an excellent option for water treatment and sanitization, particularly for sizable pools or spas that require high chlorine levels.

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