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Tcca 90 chlorine

For controlling befouling in swimming pools, commercial water systems, and cooling water systems, Weifang JS tcca 90 powder is a superb source of chlorine. For chlorination purposes, it is a more effective and affordable alternative to sodium hypochlorite or bleaching powder.

It allows for continuous, precise dosing of chlorine because it dissolves slowly in water. 90% of TCCA is hydrolyzed to produce hypochlorous (hocl). Strong microbial activity is present in this acid. As a stabilizer, cyanuric acid, a by-product of hydrolysis, prevents hypochlorous acid from becoming hypochlorite ion (ocl-), which has low microbial activity, when exposed to sunlight and heat.

Product Description

Weifang JS TCCA 90 is a chlorine-based chemical that disinfects, maintains, and cleans fountains and swimming pools to produce water that is crystal clear. Additionally, it can be used to keep bacteria and algae from contaminating pool water.

The chemical formula of TCCA 90, which uses trichloroisocyanuric acid as its primary ingredient, results in an impressive-looking chlorine-based solution that is simple to handle and use. For all kinds of chlorine applications, it is a water purification product that has been shown to be more economical than sodium hypochlorite and bleach powder.

It disintegrates gradually and is a good option for large pools where a high level of chlorine can be challenging to control but is also insufficient to completely eradicate all bacteria in the water. It also works well for treating water in urban or industrial settings because it has an anti-scaling effect that stops scale from forming on machinery.

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