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Tcca 90% granular in 1kg bag

Trichloroisocyanuric acid, or TCCA for brief, is merely a element which was chemical try trusted in liquid therapy, disinfection, and sanitation procedures. This can be a crystalline that has been white that dissolves in liquid and releases chlorine, a solid representative that is oxidizing kills bacterium, malware, along with other microorganisms. TCCA is advised over more disinfectants due to the higher effectiveness, reasonably priced, and simplicity of good use. We will give awareness of Weifang JS tcca 90% granular in 1kg bag as well as its own qualities, applications, and pros.


Weifang JS tcca 90% granular is just a product that try solid resembles smaller white pellets or beads. It's extremely dissolvable in liquid, by having a solubility of 1.2 g per liter at 25 levels Celsius. TCCA 90% granules have 90% active chlorine, that's the focus that has been finest you can buy. All of those other 10% consist of stabilizing agents and also other additives that guarantee the merchandise's rack and security lifetime. TCCA 90% granules that is acid, and certainly will result discomfort and corrosion if managed improperly.

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