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Tcca 90 tablet

Being a secure and reliable chlorine reagent, tcca is utilized all over the world. This is available at Weifang JS, so you better check it out! It can be used for many treatment procedures, including the oxidation and disinfection of swimming pools, industrial circulation water, and drinking water.

TCCA is available with 90% chlorine content and dissolves slowly in water, allowing continual, metered dosage of chlorine. It also decreases algae growth.

TCCA is a bleaching agent

Weifang JS trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCA) is a white, crystalline liquid used as a bleaching agent, reagent, and industrial disinfectant. It is also a popular substitute for chlorine.

It is convenient for you to use, store, ship, and apply because it can be delivered in tablet or granular form. It is available in quantities ranging from 3g to 500g.

The crucial bleaching and chlorinating agent TCCA is non-toxic, safe, and effective. It has numerous characteristics, including a high effective chlorine content, stable handling and storage, simple molding and usage, high bleaching and sterilization power, and a protracted effective chlorine release period in water.

In addition to being a powerful oxidant, TCCA can also be used to convert primary alcohols into the equivalent aldehydes. It is more efficient than sodium hypochlorite because it contains a larger concentration of active chlorine. Besides, it is more affordable and safer than its sodium salt counterpart. Furthermore, dyestuffs can be stained with TCCA.

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