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Tcca 90 uses

Great chlorine disinfectants for fountains and swimming pools include TCCA 90 from Weifang JS. It has enduring effects and is quite successful in producing crystal-clear water.

Several companies utilize tcca 90 for bleaching and wastewater treatment. It is simple to use and handle and is stable in storage.

Product Description

Tcca 90, or trichloroisocyanuric acid, is a bactericide and disinfectant from Weifang JS. It is utilized in water features including fountains, ponds, and swimming pools. It eliminates dangerous bacteria quite well.

It is simple to use and manage for large pools because it is available in a 90% concentration. It does not strip like other halogen compounds and is stable. Both algae development and chlorine loss during the day are prevented by it.

Because TCCA dissolves slowly in water, chlorine can be dosed continuously and precisely. It can also be applied to the treatment of urban or industrial sewage.

It is a great option for disinfection and general hygiene. Fruits and vegetables, as well as livestock like fish, silkworms, and chickens, can be preserved and the atmosphere can be sanitized with great success using this method. Moreover, it is frequently used for rubber chlorination, wool shrink resistance, paper insect resistance, and textile cleaning and bleaching.

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