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Tcca and sdic

sdic granular chlorine, also known as AQUACLEAR(r), is a potent sanitizing agent from Weifang JS that destroys bacteria as well as other pollutants like algae. This calcium-free solution keeps pools with hard water bright and clear.

Quick dissolving di-chlor chlorinating granules leave no residue. chlorine of the highest caliber, 56% stabilized.


A broad-spectrum disinfectant for exterior use is sodium dichloroisocyanurate. A antibacterial and an algaecide, respectively. It can be used for infectious diseases as well as normal cleaning, preventive cleaning, and environmental cleaning in all types of public settings. This is available at Weifang JS.

It possesses potent oxidizing characteristics and the ability to eradicate a wide range of bacteria, spores, fungus, and viruses. Drinking water, dishes, and industrial circulating waters can all be sterilized using it. Also, it can be used to raise fish, silkworms, animals, and birds.

It is frequently used as a disinfectant in agriculture and health care, primarily for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Moreover, it is used as a fabric bleaching agent, as an algicide for industrial recirculating water, to chlorinate rubber, inhibit moths from devouring paper, and prevent wool from shrinking. It performs consistently and efficiently, and it has no negative effects on the human body.

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Wool Anti-shrinking Agent

An organic substance having a distinct chlorine odor is called sodium dichloroisocyanurate, commonly referred to as sdic granular or NaDCC. It is a rapid virus, bacteria, spore, and fungal kill disinfectant and sterilizer with a broad spectrum.

Swimming pools, drinking water, environmental disinfection, and preventive disinfection all make extensive use of it. Moreover, it can be utilized as a fabric bleaching agent, wool anti-shrinking agent, and industrial circulating water cleaning agent.

It is easily biodegradable, non-harmful, and low-temperature. Any varieties of wool can be processed using this technique. It has the benefits of consistent treatment, no yellowing, and no effect on fiber strength.

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