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Tcca in 25kg drum

One of the most widely used chemicals for cleaning swimming pools and other water features is Weifang JS tcca. It can also be used to purify drinking water and get rid of algae from circulating industrial water. White powder, granular, or tablet forms of TCCA are all readily available and secure for usage and storage. It is a very powerful germicide.


A sort of product in Weifang JS called a disinfectant, often known as a sanitizer, is used to destroy bacteria in water and stop them from spreading. Moreover, it has a bleaching effect, which is useful for clearing the water of algae and other undesirables.

The granular form of trichloroisocyanuric acid, often known as TCCA, is a well-liked disinfectant for fountains and swimming pools. This substance, which contains 90% chlorine by volume, has long-lasting effects on limiting the development and spread of germs and algae.

A bactericide and deodorant with a wide spectrum, high efficiency, and low hazardous level is TCCA. In drinking water, industrial water, swimming pools, and other water sources, it is used to eradicate bacteria. Moreover, it works well as an oxidizing agent in cooling water systems.

TCCA is a fantastic option for disinfecting large swimming pools because it doesn't strip like other halogen compounds do. It is stable and disintegrates gradually in water, enabling continual, precise chlorine dosing. It is simple to apply, store, and ship.

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