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Tcca tablet press machine

The ZP80-9B is a sizable Weifang JS tcca tablet press machine that can make TCCA tablets in weights of 250g, 280g, and 300g. By having a robust pre-press function, it can ensure the quality of finished TCCA tablet products.

With the aid of a frequency protection device, it can be turned off automatically when the pressure rises too high. Hebei Jiheng Chemical Group, the biggest producer of TCCA, chooses it first.

1. Hydraulic pressure

Granular material is compressed into tablets using hydraulic pressure by a Weifang JS tcca tablet press machine. Round tablets, irregularly shaped tablets, and two-color tablets can all be produced using it.

The device was created especially for large-scale TCCA (trichloroisocyanuric acid) production in amounts of 250g, 280g, and 300g. Ten times more can be produced with it than with a conventional hydraulic tablet press.

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5. Hydraulic system

One of the most important parts of a Weifang JS tcca tablet press machine is the hydraulic system. The reservoir, pump, and valves make up this system.

Only the proper fluid has been selected, and only then can hydraulic operation take place. Think about things like viscosity and wear resistance.

Complex fluid-based systems called hydraulic fluids are used to transfer energy and turn it into useful work. These systems can be extremely complicated, and choosing the right fluids is important for proper operation.

6. Hydraulic system

The most crucial component of a Weifang JS tcca tablets press machine is the hydraulic system. It has a reservoir, a pump, a valve, and an actuator (such as a motor, a cylinder, etc.).

Viscosity and viscosity index, wear resistance, and oxidation stability are just a few of the qualities a hydraulic fluid for a tcca tablet pressing machine should have. These elements will affect the fluid's performance within the system and aid in preventing leaks.

7. Hydraulic system

The Weifang JS tablet press machine's hydraulic system is a complex fluid-based system that moves energy from one place to another. To meet the needs of the system, including viscosity requirements, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability, hydraulic fluids must be carefully chosen.

All types of chemicals, including mothballs and insect repellent tablets, disinfection tablets, mothballs, cleaning agents, fragrances, catalysts, metal powder, and glass powder products, can be processed using our tcca tablet machine.

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