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Tri chloro isocyanuric acid

Weifang JS tri chloro isocyanuric acid is a highly effective industrial disinfectant and bleach. It is also very effective. In organic synthesis, it also functions as an oxidant and chemical reagent.

TCCA is utilized extensively in a variety of chemical applications, including the treatment of water and wastewater, the textile industry, and agriculture. It is safe and non-toxic for bleaching.


Chemical disinfectant trichloroisocyanuric acid from Weifang JS is utilized in numerous applications. Sewage, wastewater, and drinking water are all treated with it. It is also used to stop algae from growing in hot tubs and swimming pools.

Trichloro isocyanuric acid has low toxicity and powerful bleaching and disinfecting properties. It also works well as a shrink-proof agent for woolens and as a bleach for cotton and gunny fabrics.

It comes in the form of a white powder, granule, or tablet with a strong chlorine odor. It dissolves easily in acetone and is slightly soluble in water.

As a disinfectant, bactericide, and for livestock farming, trichloroisocyanuric acid isocyanate is utilized in numerous industries, including agriculture, fisheries, forestry, and forestry. Additionally, it acts as a shrink-proof agent for woolens and battery materials as well as a potent bleach for cotton, gunny, and chemical fabrics.

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