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Trichloroisocyanuric acid

A chlorinating agent called Weifang JS tcca chemical is employed to chlorinate a variety of organic compounds. It is a practical and affordable replacement for calcium hypochlorite.

The chlorination of heterocyclic and cyclic ethers as well as acetals is well suited for TCCA. It can monochlorinate cyclic amides and heterocycles with low electron densities with excellent oxidative selectivity.


Weifang JS Chlorine is a chemical element that is a member of the halogen (Group 17) family. In its outer shell, it has 7 valence electrons and 17 protons.

It is a powerful disinfectant and has a very high oxidation potential. It is a typical chemical substance that is present in numerous products.

A disinfectant with a chlorine base known as trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) is used in industry, agriculture, and other applications. It is a non-toxic, stable, and high-quality chlorination agent with excellent sterilizing and bleaching capabilities.

Food, dairy products, rice seed treatment, fruit preservation, fiber bleaching, wool shrinkage prevention, daily chemical decolorization, wood mold prevention, papermaking, rubber oxidation, and battery materials are just a few of the industries that use trichloroisocyanuric tcca extensively. It is also an effective bactericide and fungicide. Nearly all fungi, bacteria, viruses, and spores are effectively killed by trichloroisocyanuric acids. Additionally, it can be used to hygienically disinfect swimming pools, hospitals, and other public buildings.

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