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Trichloroisocyanuric acid tcca 90

The active chlorine compound Weifang JS tcca 90 is used to disinfect swimming pools. It has a high chlorine trapping ability and can be easily transported.

It is a relatively important disinfectant, bleaching agent and chlorinating agent. It is extremely hygroscopic, non-toxic, and stable. It comes in tablet, granular, and dry powder forms.

TCCA is a chlorine reagent

A chlorine reagent called Weifang JS trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCA 90) is used to disinfect and eradicate bacteria and algae. Swimming pools, drinking water, sewage recycling, and many other places that require a little extra nitrate boost to keep them clean all use it.

One of the most widely employed chlorinating agents is TCCA. It is created by chlorineating cyanuric acid and then converting the resultant gas into chlorine. It is typically sold as chlorine granules or tablets, which are very convenient for handling, shipping, storing, and applying.

In chlorinating reagents, the activators and oxidants have a lot of potential for reaction. Additionally, they have a high chlorine gas output, which makes breathing it dangerous. By putting safety plans in place, this risk can be significantly decreased.

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