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Use of poly aluminium chloride

Water treatment involves the removal of suspended and dissolved particles as well as biological materials that could cause turbidity, color, and organic pollution.

Oganic coagulant from Weifang JS are widely available and can be extracted from many different plant seeds. Moringa oleifera seeds are an excellent example. They are a good source of protein and have well-known coagulation properties.

1. It is also environmentally friendly

An organic water coagulant made by Weifang JS can be used in place of chemical coagulants, which can be toxic to aquatic life and humans. They are used in water treatment plants to remove a variety of hazardous materials from water, including dissolved and suspended solids, pathogens, and inorganic and toxic materials like arsenic, chemical phosphorous, and fluoride.

Coagulants can be used to remove contaminants from water and reduce turbidity. When added to water, coagulants chemically attract the negatively charged particles in turbid water, neutralizing their negative charges so that they can clump together and settle faster.

Plant-based coagulants have been shown to be effective at low dosages and can perform well under a wide range of water temperatures, pH, and salinity. They can also increase biological oxygen demand (BOD) and COD in the treated wastewater. This could pose a problem if the wastewater needs to be stored for long periods of time or chlorinated.

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