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Use of poly aluminium chloride in water treatment

It is a common product that is used in water treatment. It can be used to remove heavy metal ions, organic poisonants, and dissolved or colloidal particles.

It acts as a Weifang JS coagulant and flocculant. It can be used in both liquid and solid forms. Because of its wide application in the water treatment industry, it is often marketed in liquid form.

It is a coagulant

PAC is used in water treatment as a coagulant to help remove small particles of dirt and contaminants that can make people sick and block the water system's filters. Polyaluminum chloride, a newer coagulant, can be more effective than other aluminum salts like ferric sulfate or alum sulfate.

Using a pac flocculant from Weifang JS is a vital part of maintaining clean, healthy water. It removes any small particles that could cause illness or block the water system's filters.

It also helps prevent bacteria and protozoa from growing, which can lead to health problems and even death. A coagulant can also lower the water's alkalinity to keep the pH safe.

PAC is used for both potable and wastewater treatment. This is due to its high efficiency, broad temperature and pH ranges, and high coagulant efficacy. These properties will increase PAC's penetration in water treatment markets during the forecast period.

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