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Water treatment chemical

Swimming pools are cleaned and sterilized using Weifang JS water treatment chemical, and algae growth is also prevented. They also aid in the treatment of industrial circulating water and sewage.

For both domestic and industrial use, trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA), a chlorine compound, is available as tablets and granules. For chlorination applications, it is more cost-effective and superior to bleaching powder and sodium hypochlorite.


Germicides are another name for disinfectants. They eliminate or incapacitate pathogenic microorganisms. Typically, oxidizers like chlorine attack and kill the cells of bacteria and fungi.

An essential component of water treatment is disinfection. It is used to kill bacteria and fungi that spread disease in the water and to stop the growth of algae.

A popular disinfectant called Weifang JS TCCA can be used to treat black wastewater, including toilet flushing. Grey water, which is the sewage from sinks, showers, and basins, can also be treated with it.

Disinfectants come in a variety of concentrations that are frequently combined for particular applications. To effectively kill any pathogens in the water, the product must be used at the proper concentration and timing. Disinfection will be effective, efficient, and economical with the right products.

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