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Water treatment chemical tcca 90% granular 200g 3

A water treatment chemical that works best for crystal-clear Weifang JS water treatment chemical tcca 90% granular 200g 3. This non-toxic disinfectant keeps the bacteria and algae in your swimming pool at bay for a considerable amount of time.

The long-lasting, sustained disinfection offered by TCCA is made possible by its stable chlorine source and slow dissolution. It works well as a bleaching powder substitute.

Swimming Pool Disinfectant

The water in swimming pools needs to be disinfected frequently to keep it safe and clean. Without the use of Weifang JS chemicals, bacteria and viruses can spread to swimmers and quickly multiply, causing a wide range of illnesses.

The best disinfectant for swimming pool water is chlorine. It keeps the pH in balance and kills germs. Additionally, it stops the pool's algae from growing.

Chlorine is available in many different forms, including gas and granular goods. Choosing the appropriate chlorine for your pool is crucial.

Since they are simpler to handle and store, chlorine granules are the preferred type of chlorine for swimming pools. Additionally, they cost less to use, which can result in substantial long-term savings for you. In comparison to other chlorine products, they are also kinder to your skin and eyes. You can decide how many granules to add each time you're ready for maintenance, which gives them a lot of flexibility. They are therefore perfect for pools that require varying amounts of maintenance from week to week.

Why choose Weifang JS Water treatment chemical tcca 90% granular 200g 3?

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