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Water treatment plant chemicals

Weifang JS water treatment chemical are vital to providing clean drinking water. They are used to remove suspended solids, dissolved organic matter, and other contaminants from the raw water supply before it enters the distribution system.

At this stage, the pH is often changed to stop corrosion and the release of toxic metals into the water supply. Basic liquids like hydrogen chloride can be added to water to lower its pH. Acids such as natrium hydroxylide can also be added to increase their alkalinity.


Precipitation refers to any liquid or frozen water that falls from the atmosphere to Earth. It's one of the main steps in the water cycle, along with evaporation and condensation.

Rain, sleet, hail, and snow are all forms of precipitation. They all form when water vapor in the air condenses around tiny particles of dust in clouds.

The cloud's water vapor then freezes into small, round white crystals known as snow or ice. Raindrops are formed when the crystals fall through warm air.

Rainfall, sleet, and snow can also form in other ways when the air gets colder, like in a thunderstorm or during the winter. Drizzle, on the other hand, is a fine sprinkle of tiny water droplets that appear to float in the air. Take alook at Weifang JS  that suits for your needs.

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